Waffles the wonder pup


She is the most perfect pup ever. Loves to act like a big dog. Rough house, bark and growl like the rest, walk on leash. Yet also puts up with being carried. Loves to go in her sling on hikes. At almost 8 pds she is to small to walk the trails. Something could lunge out of bushes and snatch her. So she is always in sling when its not a safe environment. She is a 8 month old yorkiepoo. We think she may be at her adult size. She’s the perfect dog for us. Loves to hike, camp, go for bike rides, snuggle, play. She’s basically hypoallergenic. No dog is actually. But she doesn’t have fur. She has hair. She is bathed once a week. And my severely allergic child is fine with her. As are the rest of us in house with mild allergies. She’s the best!

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