What a day!

What a day, the boys and I decided to take the pup to a park near by. One without bushes so we could see what other animals were there. Well we were there for 5 minutes when I hear the sound of a leash dragging on the concrete.

I look up, my kids and pup are about 30 feet from me. And a large dog is barking and growling running right at my family. My boys are oblivious to the problem. I yell PICK UP THE PUPPY!!!! My son snaps into action, grabs pup. Big dog tries to snap at pup as son lifts her up. Other son gets in front on my other child and pup. The other dogs owner looks at us like we have a problem?! Then he walks off with his large dog dragging its leash.

Needless to say I made a call and the man got a ticket for an unleashed dog.

We then left the park, puppy was scared, and shaking, and I no longer felt she was safe there. Didn’t want to wait for next fool to have a unleashed dog.  So instead we took her to harbor and walked her around there. The boys looked at boats, pup was safe all was good. Was a good day in the end!

Thanks for reading!


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