Birth Order Would I Have Changed Anything?

Well my first child, my Aspie was a great pregnancy. I was healthy most of the time except for one bladder infection. And being positive for Group B Beta Strep at time of delivery. Oh how exciting the first pregnancy is! First baby was born 3 weeks before due date a whole 9 pds. Broken clavicle from delivery, and positive for Group B Beta Strep. He was a very sick baby. on oxygen, feeding tube. They didn’t think he’d make it through the night.

Well with the help of God he did!! He spent a while in the hospital till he was healthy and eating. When we brought him home he did nothing but cry. You see we weren’t told about the broken clavicle till his 2 week check-up! So we didn’t know about that. He had what was called a hep lock in his heel to get antibiotics daily for 10 days. Day 5 at home he is orange. Back to hospital with jaundice.

After all the downs with new baby we knew there had to be some ups! He was soooo cute. He watched the train go around the room at 8 weeks old. Didnt roll over till 11 months old. He spoke first word dada at 9 months old. From there it was all talk all the time! He didn’t walk till 19 months old. He has severe asthma, life threatening food allergies.

After a shot of MMR and a horrible reaction to the shot our very chatty baby went quiet. After months of testing the doctors decided he wasnt deaf, didn’t have an ear infection. Just was his personality. I didn’t believe it. But we let it go and loved out baby just the same.

It wasnt till he was in school that anything was caught. In Kinder he had a very hard time learning, got in trouble for not listening. He was hearing you. He wouldn’t look at you. But teachers felt if he was not looking he was not hearing. He also got in trouble for being a distraction to him self. Not others. First grade we held him back. School wanted to label him “learning disabled” we paid out-of-pocket for testing  to find the answer.

At that time we found out he was on the Autism Spectrum. He has Aspergers, sensory problems, auditory processing delay, and a few other things.  At that moment  in time it made perfect sence to me why the autism sign is a puzzle piece. It was like the diagnosis was putting the puzzle together. I was so relieved to know what made my boy different, special. Why he spoke such fancy sentences compared to children of his age. How it was he knew without a doubt which toy was his in a room of like toys.

We signed him up for OT, PT, and speech at a therapy company that specializes in Autism therapy. He went 2 days a week for 4 hours for 5 years. None of which was covered by my health insurance. we paid cash out-of-pocket .We had to change alot to afford his therapy, and I will tell you it was worth every penny!!! He is a fantastic, smart, kind, caring, young man, with friends!

So then we started wondering about baby 2 which was now 3 years old and not speaking much and when he did it was like another language. Many tests by doctors. Determined he could hear just fine. Doctor said he had “Autistic like behaviors” . We enrolled him in an early start class right away. He was in speech therapy for 4 years, and now wont be quiet! He has high grades in school with little to no effort. No autistic like behaviors seen any longer.

Im glad we had our Aspie son first. I had the time to devote to him one on one when he needed it. And it helped us catch his younger brothers problems 2 years before we caught his.

Both boys are growing up into fine young men. Both boys were Cub Scouts for all 5 years Tiger-WebelosII and are now Boy Scouts working to be Eagles sometime in the very near future. The oldest boy my Aspie does have to work at school for the subjects he has little interest in. The subjects he likes LOOK OUT!! He makes friends, enjoys going out to places not to busy or loud. My youngest doesnt struggle with anything in life or school.

Children are a Blessing from God. Always remember God only gives you what he feels you can handle. And I’m grateful he gave me the opportunity to love 2 great kids one being an Aspie.


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