What a parent would do for their child..

We started a battle with the Insurance company in 2001. They wouldn’t cover anything our Asperger son needed. Such as OT, PT, feeding therapy, psychologist appointments. DENIED. No matter how we worded it all we got from the insurance company was DENIED. Speech services DENIED. The only provide speech if you’ve had a stroke. Screw everyone else that has problems.

Well we had a child that badly needed help and we had to provide it. No more eating out, getting hair done, going on expensive vacations, Buying things we WANTED. We started clipping coupons, cutting corners, shut off cable tv, newspaper, Gardner. Many things were changed. I started selling the kids old toys on ebay to supplement husbands income.

I went to the therapy unit I heard was the best for my son. I asked if we would get a cash discount. They said yes. We paid $125.00 an hour for 4 hours a week. It was a hard time. But i would do it again if i had to. The therapy got a socially shut down, messy eater, with a horrible lisp and sensory problems child  to where he is today.

A fine young man who has friends, is mainstreamed into a High school. Works community service hours because he wants to. Is getting ready to work on his Eagle Scout project in next few months. Has talked about going to a 4 year university. Is taking spanish! and is thriving.

We also signed him up for My gym which was also recommended for physical issues. And again got a cash discount in the beginning. When i showed his chart to the gym owner we only paid half the cost! The discounted for autistic children. Thats how sure they were their class would help the child.

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