Camping day 4

Sun shining. Pup rejuvinated. This heat is hard on her. Weve taken to if she pants we get to a/c right away approach. Yorkies overheat very easily.

Today we were up at 635. Pup didnt get up at 4 so that was nice. Took pup on walk around camp ground. She made it about half way before we had to pick her up. She plops down on belly with all legs out when shes tired. And if you keep going you will drag her on tummy. When shes done. Shes done!

Hubby and my youngest went to the fitness center today to work out. My youngest has been begging to go in there. And now that hes 14 hes allowed with an adult. Course im not so sure my hubby qualifies as an adult. I know i dont!



After that the boys went swimming and then played tennis.


Another great day! Sad to think we go home tomorrow 😦 i prefer our trailer over our stick dwelling.

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