Lunch with Mom, my day in a hand basket.

Well today I went out to lunch with my Mom. I behaved as to not get lectured in public like the last time we went out.

Nothing like being lectured by your mom when you are a mom!

Mom and I don’t always see eye to eye. Most of the time I’d say were on two different pages so to say.

She’s got a set way of doing things and its best if you keep your mouth shut.  For instance she thinks driving through the neighborhood at 40 mph is ok.

Well we made it to breakfast alive and in one piece. She is diabetic. First thing out of her mouth was to order a cinnamon roll..


I was waiting for her to go into a sugar coma or something. Fortunately that never happened. I wasnt going to tell her she shouldnt get it. Last time I did that she got mad at me.

Here is my view while I ate my breakfast.


Very calming view. I really enjoyed being there. And I enjoyed spending time with my mother. Just adults.  No children. It was a nice morning. And thank you to God for getting me back home safely.

I think some elders shouldn’t drive. And my mom is probably one of them. She’s a lead foot, scenic kinda driver.

Anyways it was a good day. Got to spend time alone with my mom. My boys are home from Church camp now. And the sky is beautiful!


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