Schools in!

Well schools in for one child but not the other yet. That is odd and annoying. One can still play video games at 6 pm (the rule we have set) and the other can not because its a school night. And there is no gaming during the week during school.

You can just imagine what im going through right?? One kid happy as a lark. The other one sulking. Begging. As I told him last night if we let you play now then your brother will want to play when his school starts.

So the answer is NO. Go read the rule chart. We are following the rules. He walks away head hung low like that’s going to change my mind.

On a side note he loves school so far. Day #2. He’s happy with his classes and teachers. He got his work permit finalized today and will hopefully start his job tomorrow.

He’s very excited to work. I remember that first job. The freedom. The first paycheck.  Great memories! Hope their great for my son as well.

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Rededication ceremony..

Today is the rededication ceremony for the preschool my son just completed his Eagle Scout Project at.

The mayor, city counsel members, Church elders are to be in attendance. Another big day for my son.

And my son will be presenting the preschool the remainder of the monies he fundraised that were left over after his project was complete . A good sized check. The preschool isn’t aware of that part yet 🙂

There is to be a ribbon cutting, icecream, refreshments. And a thank you to my son.

Its going to be another great day!

His Thank you from the children and staff at the pre school 🙂

My sons first job!!

Yessss!! After 4 applications. And one job interview/call back. My son has his first job! He will be working at his schools cafeteria for 7.5 hours a week.

Jobs are not given to youth here. They are hard to come by. Days have changed since I had my first job and 15 job offers. Now adays they expect perspective employees to have experience.

It has taken him 3 months to get a job. And he did it!! I’m so proud of him. He kept pushing and kept his chin up. Never looking back.

See all the therapy and support he has gotten and continues to get due to autism/aspergers has paid off.

One proud mama moment! WOOT!!!!

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Today is the day before tomorrow..

Today is the day before tomorrow which is the day my sons Eagle Scout Project begins!!

I’m so excited! And nervous.  We’ve been to Home Depot 4 times so far today and they don’t close for another 2 1/2  hours.  So there is still time to go back!

My son is nervous about having enough Boy Scouts to do the work. His job is to lead and supervise the project. Not do the manual work.

So far today we’ve had one dad and 2 boys step down from the work schedule. I’m hoping we don’t lose anymore.

Its been a long road to get my aspie son to this point. I’m so proud of him. What a huge thing this will be when its complete.
Project is set for tomorrow and Saturday. If it goes off as planned and gets completed I’m planning a celebration dinner for my son Saturday night.

This project has been being planned and worked on since November of 2011. 9 months! Im so excited to see his design plans at work and the completed product.
He is building 2 covers for our Churchs preschool sand boxes. To keep the sand clean. And animal droppings out.

One sand box is concrete and in good condition. The other my son is rebuilding. Its made of wood and has a wood seat. All the wood is termite damaged and rotten.

Well anyway. I will update as the project goes.

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The school year is nipping on our heels.

Well with the school year nipping on our heels I must say can we have a do over?

Summer was great. But I want more time with my kids without homework, and commitments.

I don’t think I’m being greedy. Ive thoroughly enjoyed our summer break. And I know my children have also. But they are ready for school they tell me.

This year I will have a 8th grader and a sophomore in High school. Who’s kids are these? How did they get all grown up? When did they grow up? I think someone stole my children. Did the ole switch a roo on me.

Dont get me wrong. I love that they are independent, able to complete tasks on their own AT TIMES. But they sure do grow up fast!

It was just yesterday my oldest was a Cub Scout. In 2 days he will begin his Eagle Scout Project!

It was just yesterday I carried my youngest around. He’s now 6′ tall!!

Dont blink folks. Cherrish it all. They grow up so fast. Ive been very lucky to be home with the both of them their whole lives. I haven’t missed anything. And for that I will be forever grateful.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the last few days of your summer with your kids. I know I will!