Wow its been a while!

Where on earth does the time go? Thought I had posted recently.. NOPE!

Been a very busy house the last few weeks. Have a garage sale coming up and an Eagle Scout Project! Now the garage sale is a fundraiser for my soon to be Eagle Scout to make money at for his project.

He is building 2 sand box covers and rebuilding a sand box at a local preschool. These are not tiny sand boxes. Its quite a large project.

I’m excited and nervous for him. Excited the day is almost here we have planned for, for a year. And nervous that it all turns out ok. That boys show up to work. See thats the thing. My son The Eagle Scout project maker isnt allowed to work. He is to deligate the work out. Show his leadership skills.

Be successful and complete his project. To do that he must have  helpers.

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