Some people..

I don’t get it. I’ve been married for nearly two decades now to a man that’s been allergic to fish/ shell fish since he was little.

I have a son who’s been allergic to fish/shell fish since birth. He’s now 16.

And I have a family I’ve had my entire life. That made reservations for dinner at a Place that specializes in FISH.  Now mind you my brother told my son its a burger joint. Name sounded Hawaiian to me so I googled it.

Yup I was right! Yes they have burgers also. Sliders to be exact. That are cooked on same grill as fish. And french fries are cooked in same oil vat as fish. Yes I called restaurant!

I have NO desire to be using my sons Epi-pens on him. I said sorry cant go. Well atleast I got to see my brother for a few minutes. Haven’t seen him in 6 months.

I don’t have anything else nice to say. So I’m reverting to my fathers rules. When I was a kid and shutting up now. :-/


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