The school year is nipping on our heels.

Well with the school year nipping on our heels I must say can we have a do over?

Summer was great. But I want more time with my kids without homework, and commitments.

I don’t think I’m being greedy. Ive thoroughly enjoyed our summer break. And I know my children have also. But they are ready for school they tell me.

This year I will have a 8th grader and a sophomore in High school. Who’s kids are these? How did they get all grown up? When did they grow up? I think someone stole my children. Did the ole switch a roo on me.

Dont get me wrong. I love that they are independent, able to complete tasks on their own AT TIMES. But they sure do grow up fast!

It was just yesterday my oldest was a Cub Scout. In 2 days he will begin his Eagle Scout Project!

It was just yesterday I carried my youngest around. He’s now 6′ tall!!

Dont blink folks. Cherrish it all. They grow up so fast. Ive been very lucky to be home with the both of them their whole lives. I haven’t missed anything. And for that I will be forever grateful.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the last few days of your summer with your kids. I know I will!


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