Today is the day before tomorrow..

Today is the day before tomorrow which is the day my sons Eagle Scout Project begins!!

I’m so excited! And nervous.  We’ve been to Home Depot 4 times so far today and they don’t close for another 2 1/2  hours.  So there is still time to go back!

My son is nervous about having enough Boy Scouts to do the work. His job is to lead and supervise the project. Not do the manual work.

So far today we’ve had one dad and 2 boys step down from the work schedule. I’m hoping we don’t lose anymore.

Its been a long road to get my aspie son to this point. I’m so proud of him. What a huge thing this will be when its complete.
Project is set for tomorrow and Saturday. If it goes off as planned and gets completed I’m planning a celebration dinner for my son Saturday night.

This project has been being planned and worked on since November of 2011. 9 months! Im so excited to see his design plans at work and the completed product.
He is building 2 covers for our Churchs preschool sand boxes. To keep the sand clean. And animal droppings out.

One sand box is concrete and in good condition. The other my son is rebuilding. Its made of wood and has a wood seat. All the wood is termite damaged and rotten.

Well anyway. I will update as the project goes.

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