Schools in!

Well schools in for one child but not the other yet. That is odd and annoying. One can still play video games at 6 pm (the rule we have set) and the other can not because its a school night. And there is no gaming during the week during school.

You can just imagine what im going through right?? One kid happy as a lark. The other one sulking. Begging. As I told him last night if we let you play now then your brother will want to play when his school starts.

So the answer is NO. Go read the rule chart. We are following the rules. He walks away head hung low like that’s going to change my mind.

On a side note he loves school so far. Day #2. He’s happy with his classes and teachers. He got his work permit finalized today and will hopefully start his job tomorrow.

He’s very excited to work. I remember that first job. The freedom. The first paycheck.  Great memories! Hope their great for my son as well.

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