The great coffee chase

So yesterday I promised the boys we would go buy coffee in the morning instead of brewing ourselves. Makes my Saturday morning easier anyway. We left the house at 845 am with Waffles the wonder dog in tow to get coffee then head to my MILs to clean her place for her as we do every week.

Stopped at our usual place (Arco) the kids love their iced decaf mocha. Well Arco no longer sells it! Off to USA Gasoline to see if they still do. No they dont.

Off to my Mils we go. I stopped at McDonald’s and bought coffee and breakfast for our trouble! 🙂


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Been a long few days

Thursday afternoon I went to Petco and bought puppy new treats. I confirmed with the company and their box nothing that she is allergic to was in them. Or so I thought. 

They were limited ingredient treats. But evidently she has a problem with them.

The treats were the size of a chocolate chip. I gave her two. She chowed them down. And within minutes was panting, sneezing, rubbing at eyes, scratching, circling, and squeaking.

At bed time she threw up on my bed before I tucked her into her crate for the night. So then we had no top sheet, blanket, and a very scared sick pup.

We sat in bathroom holding her until she stopped shaking and whimpering. She hates throwing up. Finally got her calmed down and off to bed by 1am.

Yesterday (Friday) she threw up once and had potty issues. She was very clingy. And panted alot as she does when tummy hurts. We went to my Moms and the pup just wanted me to hold her. I’d set her down and she’d stand on hind legs and whimper till I picked her back up. My Mom just laughed and said she’s like a child.

Well today (Saturday) she is quite a bit better. Just clingy and fowl gas. LoL It usually takes 4-5 days to get her back to normal after she has a reaction to food products.

Lesson I learned? Just leave well enough alone!

She has a Birthday coming up. I was trying to get her a special treat since I cant find a treat recipe that is safe for her. She will just have her usual treat on her birthday and be perfectly happy and feel great! And I’m going to go buy a new toy from the kids.

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Potluck dinner goes green

So our quarterly Boy Scout potluck dinner is tonight. I’ve received an email saying we’ve gone green.

Well personally.. that excites me. I run to kitchen to break out our dishes for tonight.


Everyone has a different one. Mine is in upper left, hubby’s upper right, my oldest lower left, and my youngest son lower right. I love those plates!!

Well my oldest, my aspie blurts out. “Ok so now were gonna be some green, eco freaks?!”

I laugh and say yes!! Your plate will from now on go everywhere with you! You will use it at school, grandma’s, friends homes.

Son looks a bit green. So I say have a look in the mirror. Your a green freak!

He laughed so hard!! Silly days with silly teens!

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My husbands special feet

So my hubby has flat feet. They hurt all the time. This year is the year we’ve chosen to find out why.

In August he visited a podiatrist to get feet checked. Findings were that his feet are very flat and he’d benefit from having special orthodic shoes made.

We addressed our insurance company who immediately stamped “DENIED” on the request. The shoes are too costly for us to afford to pay cash.

Well my husband is in pain daily. His job demands he be on his feet walking all day.

Well today our primary doctor suggested we get him Dr Scholls orthodic shoe inserts. We went to CVS right away and bought them. There is a machine you stand on to test how you stand and pressure points on your feet. Then it tells you what number you need.

Our primary doctor said if my hubby feels better with these that he will go to war with our insurance company for us so my hubby can get the shoes.


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The vapor smoker..

So we went to Costco last night for dinner and to check the prices of eye glasses there.

Glasses are a great price. We will be ordering from there. Anyways..

As we sit down to eat there are 2 smokers that come and sit down. There are signs everywhere that state NO SMOKING.

The whole place stinks. Were in a cloud now. My hubby spins around on the bench and says EXCUSE ME! My son and I have asthma and we cant be near smoke.

Well one guy gets up and just walks away. Then the rude lady with her tribe of dogs sucking on what isn’t a cigarette evidently. Turns around and says the non smoking signs are over there on the pillars! Not where I’m sitting!! And this isn’t a cigarette! Its vapor!! I can smoke this in the hospital!

And there she sits sucking on vapor in the food area with her pack of dogs like an idiot. Puffing away. Now mind you this person didn’t even buy food or drink.

Most of the food court is staring at her now. She keeps turning around and blowing crap at my hubby trying to get him to snap.

He doesn’t of course. He’s said his peace. He’s here to enjoy dinner in a non smoking area with his family. End of story.

Well as this person leaves she gives everyone a nasty look blowing vapor or whatever it us at everyone. Turns to walk and walks right into a cart.

Moral of the story.. karma’s a bitch!

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Kids eye checkup

So yesterday was eye check up day for both of my kiddos.

We went to a eye doctor we have not been to before. For a HD VISION screening.

Yes you can get High Definition glasses now a days. News to me.

Well when they called my boys back I informed the staff we are just here for a new prescription. We will not be getting glasses here.

My aspie son didn’t answer what high school he was in fast enough.. So eye doctor says are you sure your in that school. You really had to think about it. I say actually doctor he has aspergers.

The cool thing was the eye doctor just let it fly by. He rebuttaled with oh I have allergies! Then my son and he laughed.

The Eye doctor is an Eagle Scout so the conversation was pleasant with the boys and myself. He even gave the boys some pointers. And told them to get their Eagle!

Now after the checkup the boys and I return to the waiting room. I ask them what are we waiting for?? They say the test results. So we sit and wait.. While waiting my cell rings. I exit building to answer. Finish my call enter building to hear receptionists say ohh they don’t want glasses from us!

I sit down. The girl gets the eye doctor and repeats even louder than before. THEY DON’T WANT GLASSES FROM US!

Now its just us and another lady there. So obviously she’s talking about us.


We will be with you shortly she tells me. Then says you can take a seat. I sit down and wait… tick tock, tick tock. I’ve been here for one hour and 35 minutes now. Of which 10 minutes were spent with the eye doctor.

Well she finally calls our name. AND… WAIT FOR IT! She trys to sell us glasses!!

By now I’m assuming this blonde haired lady does not speak English. So I ask her.. out of curiosity.. what language do you speak?

Well if looks could kill. I’d be dead! I tell her again. WE WONT BE PURCHASING GLASSES FROM YOU.

Eye doctor was nice enough. But he really needs to work on his staff.

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The tale of the broken rubber UPDATE!!!!

Band that is. It was a pretty blue rubberband. A large sized one for trash cans.

The type that you use to hold a trash bag in the can. Well yesterday I opened the can, pushed the trash down a bit. And SNAP, PSHUME!! It flew!

It was like these but blue.

I cant find it. I’ve looked, my hubby, the boys. We’ve looked high, we’ve looked low.

I’m hoping, praying the puppy didn’t find it and wont find it. Rubberbands and pets don’t mix. They eat them. And can get intestines all bound up.

For the time being puppy isn’t allowed in kitchen alone. I’m hoping we can find that rubberband.

Till then.. its the case of the broken that is

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My son found the MIA rubberband AND it didn’t break!! Here is where he found it. We all looked at the chairs didn’t see it. But today my son found it!