Week one of school down

Well both kids are back in school. And im back to work with the preppyk and kinder kiddos for lunch.

The week ended with me having a cold. Blegh. Now I’ve got a cocktail of meds to take. To add to what I take daily anyway.

I already take 1500mg of vitamin c, 1500mg of cranberry, a multivitamin, 10 mg lotradine, flonase, a 750mg tums for calcium.

Now I added to all of that my doctors sick concoction ~ 200mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours, airborne 3 times a day, and 400mg of guaifensin every 4 hours, 60mg of pseudoephedrine every 4 hours. Lots of water and rest.

Was hoping i’d have kicked it by today. I go back to 100+ 4-7 year old’s tomorrow.



Hope I can beat this cold before I have to add antibiotics to the list!

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