Ok I’m totally annoyed now!

Does everyone have a Mil from hell? Or just me?

Does your Mil call and expect everyone to stop the world and go to her beckon call?

I thank God everyday my mother is self sufficient. And by the way my mother is 3 years older than my Mil.

My Mil called yesterday evening because her cable company sent her a new box. She needs it plugged in she said.

My hubby said well plug it in. She then said it has to be programmed. Hubby said call cable company. We don’t have cable TV. Have no idea how to do that.

She then says well cant you look at it? He said yes when he’s off work this weekend.

Well I just came home to the screw you phone message from my evil Mil.

Its all in her tone. Comes through LOUD AND CLEAR.

And doesn’t warrant a call back from me or my hubby.

Cant wait to get out of this state and away from her drama..

And don’t think I’m kidding. She is evil, hurtful, nasty.

Ever had anyone pull mail fraud on you? Get credit cards in your or your children’s, nephews, niece’s names?? Ya well we have. She’s evil.

Thanks for reading my rant..


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