Things I saw while shopping..

I saw some cool stuff at Albertson’s today. And an item at Target my husband thought was nerf gun darts when we walked past it earlier in the weekend.

I will start with the Albertson’s trip. There were many items on the clearance shelf. Expired fruity flavored vitamin C, old nasty looking vanilla extract. Some items that I have no idea what the blazing Hell they were. Then some napkins and salt and pepper shakers I thought were pretty cool.


Then on way to check out I saw these cookies.

Truthfully I was scared to try them. So I didn’t buy them. Maybe I will try at a later date.

Now onto Target trip this weekend that had me laughing so hard. Walking up an isle my husband says WTH why would nerf gun darts be on the female isle? Then he says must be for the avid nerf hunter!

I turn around to see this.

Well I laughed so hard tears were running down my face.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

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