The tale of the broken rubber UPDATE!!!!

Band that is. It was a pretty blue rubberband. A large sized one for trash cans.

The type that you use to hold a trash bag in the can. Well yesterday I opened the can, pushed the trash down a bit. And SNAP, PSHUME!! It flew!

It was like these but blue.

I cant find it. I’ve looked, my hubby, the boys. We’ve looked high, we’ve looked low.

I’m hoping, praying the puppy didn’t find it and wont find it. Rubberbands and pets don’t mix. They eat them. And can get intestines all bound up.

For the time being puppy isn’t allowed in kitchen alone. I’m hoping we can find that rubberband.

Till then.. its the case of the broken that is

Thanks for stopping by..

My son found the MIA rubberband AND it didn’t break!! Here is where he found it. We all looked at the chairs didn’t see it. But today my son found it!


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