The vapor smoker..

So we went to Costco last night for dinner and to check the prices of eye glasses there.

Glasses are a great price. We will be ordering from there. Anyways..

As we sit down to eat there are 2 smokers that come and sit down. There are signs everywhere that state NO SMOKING.

The whole place stinks. Were in a cloud now. My hubby spins around on the bench and says EXCUSE ME! My son and I have asthma and we cant be near smoke.

Well one guy gets up and just walks away. Then the rude lady with her tribe of dogs sucking on what isn’t a cigarette evidently. Turns around and says the non smoking signs are over there on the pillars! Not where I’m sitting!! And this isn’t a cigarette! Its vapor!! I can smoke this in the hospital!

And there she sits sucking on vapor in the food area with her pack of dogs like an idiot. Puffing away. Now mind you this person didn’t even buy food or drink.

Most of the food court is staring at her now. She keeps turning around and blowing crap at my hubby trying to get him to snap.

He doesn’t of course. He’s said his peace. He’s here to enjoy dinner in a non smoking area with his family. End of story.

Well as this person leaves she gives everyone a nasty look blowing vapor or whatever it us at everyone. Turns to walk and walks right into a cart.

Moral of the story.. karma’s a bitch!

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