My husbands special feet

So my hubby has flat feet. They hurt all the time. This year is the year we’ve chosen to find out why.

In August he visited a podiatrist to get feet checked. Findings were that his feet are very flat and he’d benefit from having special orthodic shoes made.

We addressed our insurance company who immediately stamped “DENIED” on the request. The shoes are too costly for us to afford to pay cash.

Well my husband is in pain daily. His job demands he be on his feet walking all day.

Well today our primary doctor suggested we get him Dr Scholls orthodic shoe inserts. We went to CVS right away and bought them. There is a machine you stand on to test how you stand and pressure points on your feet. Then it tells you what number you need.

Our primary doctor said if my hubby feels better with these that he will go to war with our insurance company for us so my hubby can get the shoes.


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