Been a long few days

Thursday afternoon I went to Petco and bought puppy new treats. I confirmed with the company and their box nothing that she is allergic to was in them. Or so I thought. 

They were limited ingredient treats. But evidently she has a problem with them.

The treats were the size of a chocolate chip. I gave her two. She chowed them down. And within minutes was panting, sneezing, rubbing at eyes, scratching, circling, and squeaking.

At bed time she threw up on my bed before I tucked her into her crate for the night. So then we had no top sheet, blanket, and a very scared sick pup.

We sat in bathroom holding her until she stopped shaking and whimpering. She hates throwing up. Finally got her calmed down and off to bed by 1am.

Yesterday (Friday) she threw up once and had potty issues. She was very clingy. And panted alot as she does when tummy hurts. We went to my Moms and the pup just wanted me to hold her. I’d set her down and she’d stand on hind legs and whimper till I picked her back up. My Mom just laughed and said she’s like a child.

Well today (Saturday) she is quite a bit better. Just clingy and fowl gas. LoL It usually takes 4-5 days to get her back to normal after she has a reaction to food products.

Lesson I learned? Just leave well enough alone!

She has a Birthday coming up. I was trying to get her a special treat since I cant find a treat recipe that is safe for her. She will just have her usual treat on her birthday and be perfectly happy and feel great! And I’m going to go buy a new toy from the kids.

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