Heart Racing Morning October 29, 2012

Very scary waking moments this morning.

I woke up to this sight


My pups crate open. At first I thought oh..ok the kids are up?? Then I thought YEA RIGHT! And I screamed wheres the dog?!

No answer or dog running to me. I scream again where is the dog?? Still no answer I go into spare bathroom cat litter box still intact, cat food still in bowl.

Kids trash on floor like usual. I then say hey guys get up!! Where is the puppy?!!!! I found the cat sound asleep.

By now im very scared. Looking in kids bedrooms, up and down hall way, bathrooms, go back to crate to see pup sitting up in crate with a kinda guilty look on her face.

I picked her up sniffed her mouth dont smell cat food. I hope she didnt get into it or we will be at the vet later. I guess she never left her crate.. But honestly I dont believe that for a moment! LOL

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Stay on the sidewalk! October 24, 2012

My sons walk home today was not the usual uneventful trip. It all started with him texting me to say he was on his way.
Within minutes I heard sirens, I live close enough to the school I could tell where they went. I texted son back “everything ok honey?” He responded yes… I think…. No!

That was quite scary. I wanted to get in the car and go get him. Got to the garage when I got a text saying I’m ok in neighborhood. Girl I walk behind on way home everyday got hit by a car.

Fortunately she was ok. They took her to the hospital to make sure. When son walked by they had her sitting on curb with a neck brace on. When he arrived home he said I’m glad my teacher kept me late. I didn’t want to see that.

He spoke about that event for days. He was so happy when he returned to school to see her walking home and know she was ok.

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Its Politics ya know! October 17, 2012

So I saw on the news last night people are un-friending people on facebook and twitter and in everyday life over their choices of who to vote for.

Like there is a right or wrong answer. Isnt it our differences that bring us all together? Isnt it your friends different opinions you go in search of when you want another view? Isnt it what makes up the community we live in? The country we live in? The planet we are all a part of?

So just how would your perfect world of same views be? If everyone thought just like you? Everyone did everything just like you? Everyone dressed just like you?

Seems very boring to me. Our differences are what defines us. What makes us unique. If everyone had your views how would life be interesting, satisfying, intriguing?

I choose to live in the real world. I choose to have friends of all different religions, colors, views. All different social and economic places in this game of life.

I choose to keep you all in my life. To enjoy all your views, opinions, and suggestions.

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While I was walking today October 10, 2012

While out on my morning walk this morning with my pup and friend I saw a lady walk on the sidewalk house to house. Shed stop look at front doors, gates, garage doors. Occasionally shed go into the yards and stand there in a daze.

I watched her do this on my whole street. It was odd. I thought maybe she got out of a house without anyone knowing. She acted like she wasn’t all there. I told my friend maybe she’d had a stroke or something. Maybe she’s not casing the neighborhood.

So at the end of the block my friend crossed the street and asked the lady is everything ok? Are you lost? To which she answered I’m just looking at how the houses have changed over the years. My friend then asks her do you live here? She said i used to then walks on continuing to do what she was. Stopping at every house.

I watched her ho another block and a half doing that then I called the pd. They sent 2 cars. A bit over kill I think for a possible missing person. But hey at least they took me serious. I told dispatcher lady’s acting weird she hasn’t done anything illegal. But she’s either going to or she’s lost.

Officer spoke to lady told her what she’s doing looks very suspicious and that there is a neighborhood watch in this hood. And a concerned neighbor called her in.

He then got lady’s address and phone# and called her mom who wasn’t there. Officer told me that she’s slow and acts like something is off. I told him I called pd and said I think she slipped out of someones house, he said oh. I said I think she’s had a stroke.

Anyways I don’t know who she was. Or where she came from. She looked to be in her 30’s. I hope she got home safely.

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Waffles is ONE!!

Our yorkie-poo Puppy is now One year old. she is full-grown we are told. But at just 9 pounds she will always be a puppy to us. People say you save an animal from the shelter. I beg to differ. She saved us. She has brought so much happiness to our lives. Shes brought my Child with aspergers out of his shell.

She goes everywhere with us. School drop offs in the morning, camping, grandparents visits. Shes a great addition to our family. Here are some pictures of her first year.

This is the day we brought her home. The first time we met her.

Buying her a harness and leash. My son with Aspergers was holding her. Since the day we brought her home he has not wanted to set her down. This is one pampered pup.

Waffles loves car rides!

Her first time camping. She had a blast. We knew at that moment we fell in love with the perfect pup for us.

Growing up! Shes looking like an adult Yorkie-poo now. She is 7 months old. She loves to nap on my bed.

Bath time! She loves the bath.

Her favorite ball. Loves wiffle balls!

The big day has arrived!! Waffles is ONE YEAR OLD!! 10/1

Here is a picture with her in her Halloween costume.

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What we do to entertain our Autistic children

I saw someone ask today is it rude to bring iPad to church to occupy an autistic child.

No. No it’s not rude. We’ve over the years been through many stages. My Aspie is now 16 1/2 years old. And no it doesn’t go away, or get easier. The older they get the larger the obvious split off their peers becomes.
Imagine it this way. Look at a tree, their peers are the trunk. As these kids age they go off on branches. Still part of the tree just on a different journey than their peers.

As my child has grown and matured the divide has become larger. Boys his age are dating, going to dances, working, driving a car. My son is working, and concentrating on school and Boy Scouts and could careless about getting his driving license..

Boys his age understand proper dating edicate. My son does not. In less than a week he asked out 4 girls. All said no.

When my son was young we brought his leap pad everywhere. No leap pad= major melt down. Then it was the gameboy, iPod, now its his cell phone, iPod, and lanyard or paper to make origami’s or to draw.

It doesn’t go away, it changes and matures with them. I’ve learned to ignore the stares and snarls from outsiders. Until…

Last year at our previous church, it was during the 11 am service. A service that lasts 1 1/2 hours that my son was quietly tearing up his Church bulletin to make origami’s as I forgot his paper. The Usher walked up to him sitting in the pew 2 family members away from me and says to my son “Do you not know you’re at Church?! You are disrespectful! QUIT TEARING THE BULLITIN” At which point my son gets up and walks to bathroom. He returns a bit later obviously shaken by the man.

Well.. When I was my turn for communion and that Usher came to our pew I grabbed the jerk by the hand and let him know ( You are in a Church! Your job is not to judge people! That child you just judged is AUTISTIC, that’s what he does to be able to bear sitting in a noisy, people, loud music,  filled Church! I also let him know he was to NEVER again speak to my child. Speak to me. It was 6 weeks after this even we left that Church. And I’ve never looked back. God Guided us to where we belong.

We have found a Church that accepts my child/children for they are. The Pastor likes my sons origami’s lol and all people in Church know my kids well and love them for who they are and the differences that they have. They also ask me about how the 2 are doing in school, Ieps, Boy Scouts. A completely loving Christian environment.

Moral of story, Never ever let anyone push you around, or make you feel odd about what you as a special needs parent MUST do to make your child comfortable and be able to succeed!

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Anger at the pump..

With fuel prices so high and with pumps being locked around CA, people are hostile at the pumps. I spent 46 minutes yesterday waiting for fuel at our local Costco. Cheapest place in town. Every other station was $4.39-$4.45 a gal.

My car is full, so I took the truck to top off. If gas is becoming an oddity around my neighborhood I need it full. It is now. But while myself and my family sat there waiting, I saw people being quite rude to others. Veering around cars almost hitting people pumping gas. Honking. Yelling. We got stared at a bit I think due to trying to get fuel for the gas hog.

Thats fine stare away I told my children. Ive waited in this line as long as the other guy. I will get fuel. And with that we sat and enjoyed the show of angry people.

Here is a picture of when we arrived. Notice the guy in silver car infront of us in this picture. He kept shutting off car. starting it, reving it.


Well we are going to the line to that cars left. Which is where attendant has told us to go. There we go now we are in correct line. Sit and wait. Takes approx 5-6 minutes per car with no one able to move till front pump car leaves. So quite a hold up. Thats ok, Im in no hurry. Have my family with me. People are honking, yelling HURRY UP, and trying to squeeze their cars through the pumps to leave. Its utter Chaos!

See the fella to the left with the silver SUV? He had to basically climb onto his bumber to avoid getting hit by someone squeezing between pumps to leave.


We we are almost there. Guy infront of us is pumping fuel. SUV Infront of him is MIA no one is at vehicle?? You pay at the pump. So Im not sure where they went.


WOOHOOO!! It took 38 minutes but WE MADE IT! Here are the prices ive waited for. Im getting octane 87 of course!

ImageBy the time we are filled up and able to leave, had to wait for front pump person to move it took us 46 minutes from beginning to end to get fuel. And another 13 minutes to get out of parking lot. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! It $4.39 at local Arco and long lines! I just paid $4.17. thats a 22 cent per gallon difference and NO FEE (35 cent fee at Arco) to fill so that saved me another .35 cents. I got 12 gallons. At arco that would have costed me $56.54. But I waited and saved $2.78. Now some people may think thats not worth their time. It was worth my time. Im trying to raise a family in trying financial times.

With my Hubby commuting to work we spend enough on fuel a month! Anything I can save is worth my time. Last month (September) when fuel was quite a bit less we spent $350.93 on fuel. Our daily drivers get 28-30 Mpg on highway and mine gets 18 around town which is where I usually stay. So Hubby gets great mileage. My fuel in my car lasts 3 weeks. His about 5-6 days.

Here are some of the things people are saying about the fuel prices in CA right now.

“Its partially because of The Richmond Refinery fire”

“12 Costco stores are completely out of gas in S. California due to the great Obama gas shortage of 2012. Gas set to go over $5.”

Now the attendant at the local Arco told my friend to expect gas prices to soar to $5.00 this weekend and $6.00 next weekend.

If your in SO CAL. Fill up! Keep it full! And be-careful out there with the hostile people at the gas pumps! And get the app “Gas Buddy” for your cell phone. It will lead you to cheapest fuel!

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