While I was walking today October 10, 2012

While out on my morning walk this morning with my pup and friend I saw a lady walk on the sidewalk house to house. Shed stop look at front doors, gates, garage doors. Occasionally shed go into the yards and stand there in a daze.

I watched her do this on my whole street. It was odd. I thought maybe she got out of a house without anyone knowing. She acted like she wasn’t all there. I told my friend maybe she’d had a stroke or something. Maybe she’s not casing the neighborhood.

So at the end of the block my friend crossed the street and asked the lady is everything ok? Are you lost? To which she answered I’m just looking at how the houses have changed over the years. My friend then asks her do you live here? She said i used to then walks on continuing to do what she was. Stopping at every house.

I watched her ho another block and a half doing that then I called the pd. They sent 2 cars. A bit over kill I think for a possible missing person. But hey at least they took me serious. I told dispatcher lady’s acting weird she hasn’t done anything illegal. But she’s either going to or she’s lost.

Officer spoke to lady told her what she’s doing looks very suspicious and that there is a neighborhood watch in this hood. And a concerned neighbor called her in.

He then got lady’s address and phone# and called her mom who wasn’t there. Officer told me that she’s slow and acts like something is off. I told him I called pd and said I think she slipped out of someones house, he said oh. I said I think she’s had a stroke.

Anyways I don’t know who she was. Or where she came from. She looked to be in her 30’s. I hope she got home safely.

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