Its Politics ya know! October 17, 2012

So I saw on the news last night people are un-friending people on facebook and twitter and in everyday life over their choices of who to vote for.

Like there is a right or wrong answer. Isnt it our differences that bring us all together? Isnt it your friends different opinions you go in search of when you want another view? Isnt it what makes up the community we live in? The country we live in? The planet we are all a part of?

So just how would your perfect world of same views be? If everyone thought just like you? Everyone did everything just like you? Everyone dressed just like you?

Seems very boring to me. Our differences are what defines us. What makes us unique. If everyone had your views how would life be interesting, satisfying, intriguing?

I choose to live in the real world. I choose to have friends of all different religions, colors, views. All different social and economic places in this game of life.

I choose to keep you all in my life. To enjoy all your views, opinions, and suggestions.

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