3 tubes of lidocaine later…

2 1/2 hours later and three tubes of lidocaine I’m finally back home. Right side of my face is completely numb and feels droopy.

You see it all started a week ago, I went to the dentist for a cleaning and found out I had a cracked tooth. It was one of those silver fillings you can get for cavitys. Well it cracked and took my tooth with it.

Now I have to admit I’m glad the dentist found it and that I never had pain from it. But today was the day to get it repaired, the plan was to drill the filling out and remove cracked part of tooth.

Well the dentist did that and then took another xray as he always does and found the nerve was now on the bottom surface of my tooth. Sooo  I now need a root canal.

So the dentist prepped tooth for that procedure which I’ll have in 2weeks and put me on antibiotics. I was bummed as soon as he said the ‘A’ word. I have low immunity and due to it have for the last 8 years been on antibiotics year round due to many infections. I catch everything. If I know someone is sick I avoid them.

Well last time I was on antibiotics was August. Long story short my doctor wanted me on antibiotics last week due to a leg issue but decided I have been able to fight something’s off as of late, so he chose to not treat with antibiotics. And now this happens 😦

So on antibiotics I go. And on probiotics. I was doing so good. It was great to feel strong for those few months.

And now I once again long to be antibiotic free!

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People you are meant to meet

We were out camping over Thanksgiving break. Had a wonderful time.

When I arrived at camp late at night my husband met me at the guard gate. When I pulled up he was chatting with the guard.

Now the campground is located in farm land. Next to a dairy across from wheat fields.

As I got close to the campground I could see a fog covering the street off the dairy farm. And OH BOY did the dairy farm stink that night.

So when I arrived I said to the guard wow cows are ripe tonight! He says yes they are!! My son blurts out zombie cow fog too. Well we were all laughing. Autism is great! He always lightens the mood.

So anyways the guard/ranger was very nice told my husband he would have taken me to our camp site. That my husband didn’t need to come up.

Well we go to our site and in the morning there is that same park ranger across from us. That’s where he lives.  In a park with 500 spots what’s the chance of my husband picking the spot across from him?!

Ranger turns and says howdy neighbor! We say hello. Later that evening we met his wife. Nice couple.

They were living very high on the hog. He made lots of money, had a big home, 40 foot diesel pusher,  a boat, fancy cars, a Harley. Then there were a few events that happened and turned their lives upside down.

They tried to fight to keep their home. They fought a good fight. But in the end this lovely couple came to the conclusion that they had each other. And that was the most important.

They sold their home, boat, cars, Harley, diesel pusher. They downsized their Rv to a 5th wheel. And they moved from one end of our state to the other end.

And we just happened to park next to them. God Bless them. They have made some tough choices.  But in the end they said we have each other, a place to live and a starting point. To rebuild from.

Great couple. Looking forward to seeing them again next month.

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Things I saw at the Campground

Where to start? I saw unattended children. Dogs tied to trees, no owner outside. I saw people let their dogs spray picnic tables, one man kept letting his dog poo right by our door.

Yes he picked it up. But why let your dog on my camp site in the first place?! Its rude and disrespectful. 

In my community there is a 6 foot leash law. All the people at the campground had those really long retractable ones.

My kids said I’m glad that’s against the law where we live. I said yep I agree.

We had a small child probably 4 years old kicking and throwing rocks at our RV while his father stood there and spun around his pink umbrella.


There was the neighbor with the 44 foot RV full of bass speakers pumping through the park all night one night.

Then the drunk guy threatening someone’s kid and the sheriff officers that showed up but the drunk was gone.

To return at 230am and wake us up with all his noise, security showed up to deal with him.

Then you have the diesel pushers that just idle at all hours. Their not going anyplace. Just running.

We enjoyed the park train that came threw everyday.

And the pup learned to bark at big dogs! Lol everytime one would walk by shed bark.

I prefer camping living over this stick house I’m sitting in right now. Never have been a house person. I’m happier outside.

We had a great week. Saw lots of cool things. Had wonderful family time. And the pup was awesome. Not one complaint when we would carry her for hours while we were out. At almost 9 pounds she has no business being on the ground in most situations.

I don’t think people would step on her. But larger dogs always try and get her and she shakes as and shivers in fright.

Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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I said are you packed? #Autism #Aspergers

So I asked my sons are you packed and ready for camping trip? Yes they replied. I said for X amount of days? Yes they replied.

I will call them Teen #1 and Teen #2 because that’s what I do when they act like teenagers. lol so teen #1 my oldest is autistic, processing delay, sensory issues, and a few other issues.

So I say teen #2 you have everything? He says yes. I ask teen #1 you have everything?? He says yes.

Well after a late night drive with my kids and pup to meet up with hubby. Teen #1 enlightens me with “I only have the pair of jeans I’m wearing”…

I reply REALLY NOW???! He says yes.. their clean. I hold my breath till count of ten. And ask so your plan is to wear same pair of jeans for next X days?!

He repeats their clean. Aughhhh!!

Good news..bad news..

Well the good news is I went to the doctor and I wasn’t SICK! That’s a first. The bad news is something’s wrong with my leg.

I got pelted by a hula hoop in the beginning of the month and had a horrible bruise on my leg 4 inches. Took 2 weeks but that’s gone. And in its place a red, warm spot that trails a vein.

Doctor thinks phlebitis, but with my history of blood clots (had them after birth of my first son) he ordered a sonogram/ultrasound. Spent 1 1/2 hr’s waiting to be seen by my doctor. Then the ultrasound took an hour to do. Ultrasound came back negative for DVT and Superficial thrombosis. Thank God. So I have phlebitis. Ibprophen, heating pad, stay off it and I will be fine.

This week also brought me a cracked tooth. The dentist found it. Hopefully I can get it fixed before it starts to hurt. That was a 2 hour appt.

This Thanksgiving I have much to be thankful for. My family, my husband, my kids, my health, my friends. God is good!

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Thanksgiving Talk

I’ve heard a few people say do you call that stuffing? Or dressing? Well I guess it comes down to are you going to stuff your turkey? Or dress your turkey?

I personally do not stuff our turkey, I have issues with cramming that in the turkey and expecting it to cook and not give me food poisoning.

I saw test results on stuffed turkeys a few years back. It was quite gross. So I choose dressing!

If you like the moisture, turkey flavor in your stuffing you can make it on the side and add Turkey broth to it.

My Mom has found her turkeys never cooked thoroughly being stuffed. Yet EVERY year she’d stuff them. She’d take it out of the oven when it was to be done.

Set it on a butcher block and out ran pink broth! My brother would stick it with a thermometer and back in the oven it would go. Same story every Thanksgiving.

She’d have that turkey in the oven bright and early in the morning. So we could have dinner at 4 pm. Always was at 630 pm or later. The whole turkey stuffing thing cost her an oven. A guest said her oven was not working right.

Well the day after Thanksgiving she picked out a new oven. The next year she didn’t stuff her turkey’ and it came out perfectly. And we actually ate at 430 pm!

I’m sure you can guess the rest of the story.. the following year she stuffed her turkey. And timer went off, my brother got it out, back in it went! We ate at 645 pm that year.

Since then she has come to my house or my brothers, last year my house. This year she’s going to visit one of my brothers.

I am cooking a turkey. A UNSTUFFED turkey. I’m dressing it.

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Today was a great day! November 3 2012

I have been waiting for a place my sewing machine could call home other than in the sewing table its stored in for 3 years.

I’ve had to set up the machine every time I want to sew. And sew on the dining table. Then store machine back in sewing table.

This morning started with breakfast my hubby went and picked up. Then he started working in the room I wanted to use for sewing.

Its going to be wonderful to not have to put it away each time. It will save time when I want to sew.

With winter coming my first project is for the puppy. Her pen is in a drafty part of the house.

This is a big project 7 yards of fabric to enclose her pen. Took me almost 5 hours to complete it. But its perfect and she ran right in and snuggled into her bed for a nap.

Next up more stuff for the pup. LoL

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