When water spills… #Autism #Aspergers

So my son walks into the kitchen and runs into the pups exercise pen. First not only was he shocked. But the pup looked upset. LoL

Then my son says that’s weird, her water doesn’t spill like real water. I say like real water? How do you figure her water isn’t real son?

He says well real water doesn’t make lines on the floor, look at it mom its running across the kitchen. If it was real water it would have just splashed and spilled.

Mean while the pup is giving him stink eye still for spilling her water. I tell him you better clean her pen up she’s upset at you for spilling her water. He says its not real water!

I ask, then why is the floor wet? Because her bowl spilled is his answer. Well I finally get him to clean up the mess. I then ask him.. so if its fake water.. where does it come from? He says the bottle duh.

Silly child!
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