Thanksgiving Talk

I’ve heard a few people say do you call that stuffing? Or dressing? Well I guess it comes down to are you going to stuff your turkey? Or dress your turkey?

I personally do not stuff our turkey, I have issues with cramming that in the turkey and expecting it to cook and not give me food poisoning.

I saw test results on stuffed turkeys a few years back. It was quite gross. So I choose dressing!

If you like the moisture, turkey flavor in your stuffing you can make it on the side and add Turkey broth to it.

My Mom has found her turkeys never cooked thoroughly being stuffed. Yet EVERY year she’d stuff them. She’d take it out of the oven when it was to be done.

Set it on a butcher block and out ran pink broth! My brother would stick it with a thermometer and back in the oven it would go. Same story every Thanksgiving.

She’d have that turkey in the oven bright and early in the morning. So we could have dinner at 4 pm. Always was at 630 pm or later. The whole turkey stuffing thing cost her an oven. A guest said her oven was not working right.

Well the day after Thanksgiving she picked out a new oven. The next year she didn’t stuff her turkey’ and it came out perfectly. And we actually ate at 430 pm!

I’m sure you can guess the rest of the story.. the following year she stuffed her turkey. And timer went off, my brother got it out, back in it went! We ate at 645 pm that year.

Since then she has come to my house or my brothers, last year my house. This year she’s going to visit one of my brothers.

I am cooking a turkey. A UNSTUFFED turkey. I’m dressing it.

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