Good news..bad news..

Well the good news is I went to the doctor and I wasn’t SICK! That’s a first. The bad news is something’s wrong with my leg.

I got pelted by a hula hoop in the beginning of the month and had a horrible bruise on my leg 4 inches. Took 2 weeks but that’s gone. And in its place a red, warm spot that trails a vein.

Doctor thinks phlebitis, but with my history of blood clots (had them after birth of my first son) he ordered a sonogram/ultrasound. Spent 1 1/2 hr’s waiting to be seen by my doctor. Then the ultrasound took an hour to do. Ultrasound came back negative for DVT and Superficial thrombosis. Thank God. So I have phlebitis. Ibprophen, heating pad, stay off it and I will be fine.

This week also brought me a cracked tooth. The dentist found it. Hopefully I can get it fixed before it starts to hurt. That was a 2 hour appt.

This Thanksgiving I have much to be thankful for. My family, my husband, my kids, my health, my friends. God is good!

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