I said are you packed? #Autism #Aspergers

So I asked my sons are you packed and ready for camping trip? Yes they replied. I said for X amount of days? Yes they replied.

I will call them Teen #1 and Teen #2 because that’s what I do when they act like teenagers. lol so teen #1 my oldest is autistic, processing delay, sensory issues, and a few other issues.

So I say teen #2 you have everything? He says yes. I ask teen #1 you have everything?? He says yes.

Well after a late night drive with my kids and pup to meet up with hubby. Teen #1 enlightens me with “I only have the pair of jeans I’m wearing”…

I reply REALLY NOW???! He says yes.. their clean. I hold my breath till count of ten. And ask so your plan is to wear same pair of jeans for next X days?!

He repeats their clean. Aughhhh!!


One thought on “I said are you packed? #Autism #Aspergers

  1. Funny! I guess next time you should ask, “do you have 4 pairs of jeans packed”? LOL LiL Bit is the same way. She needs specifics. At least the one pair he brought were clean , right? 😀

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