People you are meant to meet

We were out camping over Thanksgiving break. Had a wonderful time.

When I arrived at camp late at night my husband met me at the guard gate. When I pulled up he was chatting with the guard.

Now the campground is located in farm land. Next to a dairy across from wheat fields.

As I got close to the campground I could see a fog covering the street off the dairy farm. And OH BOY did the dairy farm stink that night.

So when I arrived I said to the guard wow cows are ripe tonight! He says yes they are!! My son blurts out zombie cow fog too. Well we were all laughing. Autism is great! He always lightens the mood.

So anyways the guard/ranger was very nice told my husband he would have taken me to our camp site. That my husband didn’t need to come up.

Well we go to our site and in the morning there is that same park ranger across from us. That’s where he lives.  In a park with 500 spots what’s the chance of my husband picking the spot across from him?!

Ranger turns and says howdy neighbor! We say hello. Later that evening we met his wife. Nice couple.

They were living very high on the hog. He made lots of money, had a big home, 40 foot diesel pusher,  a boat, fancy cars, a Harley. Then there were a few events that happened and turned their lives upside down.

They tried to fight to keep their home. They fought a good fight. But in the end this lovely couple came to the conclusion that they had each other. And that was the most important.

They sold their home, boat, cars, Harley, diesel pusher. They downsized their Rv to a 5th wheel. And they moved from one end of our state to the other end.

And we just happened to park next to them. God Bless them. They have made some tough choices.  But in the end they said we have each other, a place to live and a starting point. To rebuild from.

Great couple. Looking forward to seeing them again next month.

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