It doesn’t work that way!

So my hubby came home from work today a bit under the weather. Said he thinks he has a cold. He took some cold medicine, we ate dinner and off to Target we went.

We got what we needed from the lower level. And were heading for escalator as the family in front of us stopped. I stopped too.

My hubby veered around the family and I and started trying to cram his cart into the cart escalator. Shove, shove, shove!

I look around him to see he was trying to push cart up the down side. LoL I say honey! It doesn’t work that way!! The family he veered around which is now behind me laughs and says ya really that’s not going to work.

Well my hubby puts cart on correct side and up it goes. We get on escalator and I laugh at him. All he can do is smile and shake his head.

When we are done upstairs we head back to the escalator and find a cart stuck on the down side. I tell him its probably from your cart incident earlier.

Well we are home now and he’s resting on the couch with a blankee.

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Vet office stress

The pup had her 1 year check up today. The office is fairly busy that I take her to. Not many small dogs are there, we usually see BIG dogs there. Today there were 2 very overweight dogs. A chocolate lab and a golden retriever.

We walked in. Waffles took one look at those 2 dogs and started crying and shaking and hiding her head in my sons arm. We don’t usually set her down unless were in a dog free zone. At 9 pounds she’s smaller than the wild life around here.

We’ve had 4 close calls with larger dogs trying to grab her. So we just carry and hold her.

Once we got into the room she calmed down and we set her down to look around.

The vet tech came in to get her weight. I was nervous.. Thought maybe shed gained weight. Turns out she went from 9.8 to 9.0 pounds. Vet said she’s great. Perfect weight. Looks great. Little bit of tartar on teeth but that they can clean that without putting her under.

Sooo then its shot time! Today she got her rabies shot. She has appointments every other week through January for the rest of her shots one at a time. Only one at a time due to her size and possibility of reaction to shots.

She’s asleep on me now, all wrapped up in her blankee. Its going to be a long day I think.


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Christmas day HOORAY!!!

My kids were up at 7am. My pup was up at 545am growling down the hallway. She was sure Santa was in the house. I sat up in bed, didn’t hear any movement so I went back to sleep.

We awoke to presents under the tree and stockings full.

The kids got great presents. Some games, nexus7 tablets, clothing, cool socks, money to spend how they would like. Which from what I hear they are spending today. Lol

One son got toiletries he will need on his big trip with school to the East Coast. He also got a NY Yankee’s hat for the day he visits the stadium.

It was a day of joy, love, family and food. We had my Mom and Mother in law over for the day.


It was the puppys first Christmas with us. Last year she was in a cold concrete cage at the shelter for Christmas wondering if shed ever get a family to love. She was dropped off there by a breeder November 21 at 8 weeks old and adopted by us January 3 at 13 weeks old and a big 5pds lol. She was close to being put down. Thank God we found her. I thank God each and everyday for letting us have her.

Hope you all had a Blessed Christmas with family and friends.

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Received the most fabulous box in the mail today

See this whole story started with my Christmas goody packages I send to my friends. I sent out 4 special boxes this year. Each one personalized in a way.

I placed homemade cookies in holiday decorated Chinese take out like boxes I bought at hobby lobby. I then put tissue paper in the USPS priority boxes. And then I made a photocopy of the persons favorite thing or the thing I call them.

One box had a photocopy of the cookie monster, another a gummy bear, another golf balls and the final box, bacon.

Now of these 4 boxes I have only met one of the people in person. I met them all online through a forum. We all have common interests. We live all over the U.S. I’ve known them for 6-7 years now.

One of them lives in northern California. Last summer we got to meet him. Camped with him and his grandson for a week. My boys asked him at the end of the week if they could call him grandpa.

Anyway back to the package I received today. At first glance I notice the box is used. Then I notice the label is the shipping label I shipped this very same box out with. The label was cut and taped to the box in the reverse order I shipped it to him. I then open the box and there layed a baggy of chex mix. One of my favorites. I left the baggy and there is a Tupperware bowl. Yes TUPPERWARE! I remove the Tupperware and there is the tissue paper I used to pack the box I sent him.

What a wonderful box I have received from a wonderful long distance friend I have never met in person but hope to one day.

Your friends near or far. Online or next to you are a blessing. Enjoy each and everyone of them. Cherish the laughter, hope, and peace they bring you.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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When we can’t protect our children

It has been proven in the last week there are times when try as we can some things are out of our control. We try and protect our children. We’d do anything for our kids, or another’s child. That was proven last Friday by the staff at Sandy Hook.

Whether its your child or a child of another its inborn in us to protect them. Especially us women. I work at a school. I and my 3 co-workers watch 100+ beautiful pre-k and kinder children for lunch.

Well Monday when I returned to work I looked at each of them, each and every one of their beautiful, innocent faces as I gave them a hug and I wondered how could someone do something so evil. How could someone go into a school, a safe zone and do something like Adam Lanza did?

And while I was trying to process that. There is mention of him being autistic! Oh let’s add salt to the wound.

My son is autistic, he has Aspergers. He came home from school saying did you hear about the shooting? I said yes son. He said their going to put all people like me in jail, or make it so they test pregnant women and just abort us.

That thinking broke my heart. To see my sons spirit broken. My angel. My gift from God. To think all that through at 16 years old. Just imagine how he must have felt. How hard it was for him to process that.

Tuesday morning started with a pace message from the H.S. principal. A call about a NOT viable threat against my oldest sons school. My aspie.

Well by the time he got home from school he told me about the threat. And that he heard a student got arrested for terrorism. That’s the 3rd I know of now for the three different threats his school has had.

Well my son got to the point he wasn’t sleeping well, wasn’t eating well. Yes he was stressed. My aspie was stressed.

I had to make a decision. A tough one. Do I keep him home Friday and away from all the threats for that day? Give into him? Possibly start a “I don’t want to go to school trend”? Or do I make him go?

After much thought. I decided to talk to him. And let him know it is for ONE DAY. ONE DAY ONLY! He has a tendency of sucking me for more if I give in. Well he said I understand mom, its just for Friday.

Well, with that he emailed his essay that was due Friday to his teacher and my husband attached a note saying my son would not be at school Friday for personal reasons. The teacher responded saying thank you for sending essay and she was glad we were keeping him home. That he has been very stressed.

Well that night not only did he eat his whole dinner! He slept all night! Woke up rested and hungry for breakfast. And he thanked me for not making him go.

Police were at his school Friday all day, students and their backpacks were searched, all students had to show school ID. And nothing bad happened thank God. But I still feel right in my decision of keeping my child home.

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One of a few reasons why I shouldn’t let my hubby in the kitchen

So my hubby likes to cook. And I like him to. 🙂  Its nice to get a break.
Some of his kitchen adventures have ended in disasters. Like the time he lit my glass stove top  on fire with vegetable oil.

Or the time he dumped the pizza off the pizza pan onto the cooking rods in the oven.

And tonight we had the rice incident. He opened the box, and assuming the rice was in a bag inside the box, he dumped box out! Well guess what. That’s right the rice was NOT in a bag.


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