11:11 – December 7,2012

There is a hype about numbers. 11:11, 2:22, 12:12 you get it. Repeating numbers. Some people think that when you catch your clock at 11:11 your DNA is being changed.

Some people think its people in the life after letting you know they are still with you.

Some people think its your guardian angel or God letting you know they are with you.

Some people are scared by it, amused by it, addicted to seeing numeral repeats.

I just happen to come by them accidently. I think its nothing bad. I feel comfort, I try and remember what I was doing the moment I saw it on the clock.

Most times I had just said a prayer. Or woken up. My bodys favorite time to wake me up in middle of the night is 2:22
This has been going on now for me for about a year or so. At first I thought it was very odd. Id almost feel alarmed by it. But I started paying attention to when it happens. And Ive found comfort in it.


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