One off school one not

My youngest and I are off today from school furlough day at its finest. Only thing that got my Aspie son to school was the donut I bought him. After all its donut Friday!

Notice my pup in back seat in her Waiting for santa Pj’s.

So here I sit watching my son play, play station games. The weekend started last night for he and I. This is a big weekend!! My husbands work has their Christmas party this weekend.

Not sure what I’m going to wear yet. But I’m excited to go. Its a family party. All of us are invited. They boys had a great time last year.

Hope you all have a nice relaxing Friday.

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2 thoughts on “One off school one not

  1. I wish my Hubby’s company still did the family party, but all the craziness with the economy killed it… 😦 Alas, he still has a work party just for employees though – at least it’s something fun for him.

    Have a great time at yours! 🙂

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