I have 4 root canals/nerves in #3

That’s what the oral surgeon that did my root canal today said. He was a nice older fella, from Germany. Great sense of humor.

It all started with him looking at my xrays. He confirmed I had 3 root canals/nerves in my #3 molar. With that the fun began. First he numbed my mouth really well. Then he started using the burs in the canals.

The object of the burs and drill is to remove the pulp and nerve from the canal of the tooth. Yes its un-pleasant. Well as he’s working on the canals he finds another canal that didn’t show on xray.

He blurts out “Oh! You brought me a Christmas present!” I said what?? I thought he had lost it. Snorted novacaine or something. He tells me you have a mini hiding root in your tooth. He said its ok just more work for me.

(In the xray you can see the three large canals look to the right there is a small one there. It didnt show at all in the xray before he filled it.)

Then he tells me its so small he can’t use drill. He will have to hand remove pulp/nerve. Well that takes another 30 minutes for just that one mini one. Other 3 were done in 30 minutes total.

He then puts medicine up in canals. Packs it with cotton and off I go to dentist to get rod in-planted in tooth to strengthen it. He then fills with a liquid like plastic solution that also strengthens tooth. Then they make a mold for my crown and finally let me go.

2 1/2 hours later IM FREEEEEE!! Well for the next 2 weeks anyways. Then I go back for crown.

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