Please watch for pedestrians when driving

Well it happened again yesterday. This is the 4th school friend of my youngest son that has been hit in the crosswalk in front of school.

The boys bicycle is a total loss the boy is ok, bruised, cut up but ok. He went to the doctor. The Lady’s car got impounded and they took her away.

Her hood dented, headlight broken. She really hit that child.

Please drive safely! Please watch for others. No parent or loved one wants that call. You know the one that goes something like this ” your child, husband, wife, has been in an accident and is in the hospital”

That person you almost hit while running that crosswalk is someone’s child, brother, sister, mom, dad, wife, husband. Someone’s EVERYTHING!

Slow down, obey stop lights, crosswalks, stop signs.

Let’s all get home safe and sound.

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