Received the most fabulous box in the mail today

See this whole story started with my Christmas goody packages I send to my friends. I sent out 4 special boxes this year. Each one personalized in a way.

I placed homemade cookies in holiday decorated Chinese take out like boxes I bought at hobby lobby. I then put tissue paper in the USPS priority boxes. And then I made a photocopy of the persons favorite thing or the thing I call them.

One box had a photocopy of the cookie monster, another a gummy bear, another golf balls and the final box, bacon.

Now of these 4 boxes I have only met one of the people in person. I met them all online through a forum. We all have common interests. We live all over the U.S. I’ve known them for 6-7 years now.

One of them lives in northern California. Last summer we got to meet him. Camped with him and his grandson for a week. My boys asked him at the end of the week if they could call him grandpa.

Anyway back to the package I received today. At first glance I notice the box is used. Then I notice the label is the shipping label I shipped this very same box out with. The label was cut and taped to the box in the reverse order I shipped it to him. I then open the box and there layed a baggy of chex mix. One of my favorites. I left the baggy and there is a Tupperware bowl. Yes TUPPERWARE! I remove the Tupperware and there is the tissue paper I used to pack the box I sent him.

What a wonderful box I have received from a wonderful long distance friend I have never met in person but hope to one day.

Your friends near or far. Online or next to you are a blessing. Enjoy each and everyone of them. Cherish the laughter, hope, and peace they bring you.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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