Christmas day HOORAY!!!

My kids were up at 7am. My pup was up at 545am growling down the hallway. She was sure Santa was in the house. I sat up in bed, didn’t hear any movement so I went back to sleep.

We awoke to presents under the tree and stockings full.

The kids got great presents. Some games, nexus7 tablets, clothing, cool socks, money to spend how they would like. Which from what I hear they are spending today. Lol

One son got toiletries he will need on his big trip with school to the East Coast. He also got a NY Yankee’s hat for the day he visits the stadium.

It was a day of joy, love, family and food. We had my Mom and Mother in law over for the day.


It was the puppys first Christmas with us. Last year she was in a cold concrete cage at the shelter for Christmas wondering if shed ever get a family to love. She was dropped off there by a breeder November 21 at 8 weeks old and adopted by us January 3 at 13 weeks old and a big 5pds lol. She was close to being put down. Thank God we found her. I thank God each and everyday for letting us have her.

Hope you all had a Blessed Christmas with family and friends.

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