It doesn’t work that way!

So my hubby came home from work today a bit under the weather. Said he thinks he has a cold. He took some cold medicine, we ate dinner and off to Target we went.

We got what we needed from the lower level. And were heading for escalator as the family in front of us stopped. I stopped too.

My hubby veered around the family and I and started trying to cram his cart into the cart escalator. Shove, shove, shove!

I look around him to see he was trying to push cart up the down side. LoL I say honey! It doesn’t work that way!! The family he veered around which is now behind me laughs and says ya really that’s not going to work.

Well my hubby puts cart on correct side and up it goes. We get on escalator and I laugh at him. All he can do is smile and shake his head.

When we are done upstairs we head back to the escalator and find a cart stuck on the down side. I tell him its probably from your cart incident earlier.

Well we are home now and he’s resting on the couch with a blankee.

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