Vet office stress

The pup had her 1 year check up today. The office is fairly busy that I take her to. Not many small dogs are there, we usually see BIG dogs there. Today there were 2 very overweight dogs. A chocolate lab and a golden retriever.

We walked in. Waffles took one look at those 2 dogs and started crying and shaking and hiding her head in my sons arm. We don’t usually set her down unless were in a dog free zone. At 9 pounds she’s smaller than the wild life around here.

We’ve had 4 close calls with larger dogs trying to grab her. So we just carry and hold her.

Once we got into the room she calmed down and we set her down to look around.

The vet tech came in to get her weight. I was nervous.. Thought maybe shed gained weight. Turns out she went from 9.8 to 9.0 pounds. Vet said she’s great. Perfect weight. Looks great. Little bit of tartar on teeth but that they can clean that without putting her under.

Sooo then its shot time! Today she got her rabies shot. She has appointments every other week through January for the rest of her shots one at a time. Only one at a time due to her size and possibility of reaction to shots.

She’s asleep on me now, all wrapped up in her blankee. Its going to be a long day I think.


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