I didn’t mean to

So this all started about 2-3 months ago when my husband was at work and slipped with a hammer and hit his wrist. He came home that night and told me he may need to go to urgent care.

We iced it, he took ibuprofen, and we carried on. It seemed to maybe get better. Then one day he came home wearing his carpal tunnel brace and I asked is it from you hitting it? Yes I think, he said. Well he wore that brace and took ibuprofen for a few weeks.

Fast forward to last night. :-/ Evidently in the middle of the night I was cold and I scooted against him and I hit his arm ūüė¶ he lept¬† up Rocking wide awake in bed, in pain. I didn’t mean to hit it.

Well on his way home tonight from work he called me and told me he’s going to the doctor. Thank goodness. Maybe they can make it stop hurting.

They took xrays and made a splint for it. He’s to wear it for a week. If its not better they will do an MRI.


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What must you have to relocate

FAITH! For without it you will fail.

The NIV Bible, Hebrews 11:1 Says “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

Romans 10:10 says ” For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved”.

The dictionary says faith is a observance of obligation, a belief in something, a confidence in a thing or person.

The thesaurus says Faith is trust in something. A belief in a higher being.

I have faith that if we are meant to relocate it will happen. Things will come together. God will provide the path to wherever we belong. That’s what faith means to me.

We’ve gotten very clear signs we do not belong here. This isn’t where we want to be, not where¬†we want to raise¬†our kids.

Prices are very high in southern California especially at the coast. If we stay here we will never own our own home.

People here are always in a rush. They honk a split second after the light changes green and you don’t move. Then they veer around you and yell at you or flip you off. My children have seen things here I didn’t see at their age.

Of course I wasn’t raised here either. I was raised in the mid west. Where people are warm and calm. Not cold and rushed. Where people stop and enjoy the seasons not bitch because its foggy, or windy, or raining. Where people help their friends, their neighbors, their community. Not obstruct their view of reality by being materialistic and turning their head to avoid seeing what’s going on in their world.

I long for a place to call my HOME, a place to raise my kids. A calm place.  A better life for the kids. A better life for their children, when they get married. A better life for my husband and I. Less hostility, less rushed. Smaller class sizes than 41-45 students.
A place that is accepting of kids with special needs. A place where everyone is viewed as a worthy life.

A place that the air isn’t brown everyday with smog, a place with views of things other than my blockwall or my neighbors house, a place where I will hear sounds other than my neighbors dogs, drums or ambulances going to help people that have crashed their cars, a place where my kids might have a Caucasian friend, a place where kids on the way to school don’t have to be paralyzed in fear wondering if today is the day they will get hit by a parent in a rush to get to Los Angeles for work.

A calming, beautiful place with genuine people. Not the fake Californians I live with now. I know very few people without cosmetic improvements. I’m all natural! The way God made me!

I have faith that it will work out. I can feel it. I just need to stay on track and be patient.


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Montana, Mondays Adventure

This mornings adventure has begun. Early this morning my hubby went to airport in Bozeman, MT. Boarded his flight, sat on tarmac for an hour give or take…

Unboarded flight planes APU went out on tarmac THANK GOD on the tarmac and not in flight.


He then stood in a line to request a new flight.  That took about an hour. 

He has a flight out of Butte, MT about 75 miles from where he is in Bozeman late this afternoon. My sister inlaw is going to pick him up from Bozeman and take him to Butte.

He wanted an adventure! LoL I sent him on one. He’s having a good time even with flight drama. He got 2 meal vouchers. Had an omelette for breakfast.

He is now on his way to Butte, MT just texted me hes in Wheat, MT. They stopped for lunch.

He has arrived at the airport in Butte, MT has a flight out late afternoon.


Check in counter at airport has sign stating they will return later this afternoon.


Need to make a call? LOL


Restroom at airport with automatic toilet seat dispenser’s.

He made is home safely last night around 930 pm after being at airport since 5am.

He brought home some wonderful gifts. And wonderful stories of his travels. He loved Bozeman MT.