New Year! New Germ!

It all started Friday. My hubby came home from work with a cough. He thought maybe just his asthma. So we didn’t take any illness precautions.

We have certain things we do when someone other than me gets ill. I have an extremely Low immunity. Have since birth. It gets very tiring to the body and mind being sick all the time.

Anyways, onto Saturday. Hubby came home from work with fever. I started up the Sicky protocol. Out came the Lysol, paper towels for him to dry hands on instead if towels. Moved him out of my bathroom. We no longer have an extra bed. So couldn’t move him out of our bedroom.

Sunday he stayed home from Church with fever and cough. I think Sunday was his worst day. He was very droopy, coughing a lot, and had a constant 99.7-99.9 temp.

Monday he was off to work feeling better. No fever at all Monday for him.

Tuesday morning New Years day I woke with a 99.9 temp and a cough. We were both bummed I got it now. My normal temp is 95.4-95.7. I rested, took airborne, yakult, probiotic pill. Went to bed at night just feeling like crap.

Woke up today Wednesday with a 100.9 temp. Hubby panics and says you need to go to doctor! I haven’t. I’m resting, hoping, praying, This goes away with no huge problem.

Now hubbys talking about getting a fouton for spare room so we can stay away from each other when he gets sick.
My kids are the best! My #aspie made me lunch.


Top ramen to eat and broth to drink. Love my kids!

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