Babies will come when they come

Its been a bad day here. I have a pregnant coworker that showed up to work waddling. She’s 14 weeks along. Her 4 other children were born prematurely. This however is too early! In our state the baby isn’t a viable life yet. No medical help would be offered if she delivered baby now.

When we went out to the playground to watch the children for lunch my coworker kept going and sitting down. I asked are you ok? Yes she said I just feel weird. I left her alone for a bit. Saw her up and walking around. I thought oh good.

Next time I looked over she was sitting again. Holding belly. I walked over to her and said you need to go hun. Go to the doctor. We will be fine without you. Just go! She said something is wrong.

I asked can you get to the doctor? Yes she said. And with that she left.  Please say a prayer for her and her baby.

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