Its about what you like on a pizza

Some people like their pizza saucy, some like deep dish, others like thin crust, then you have the garlic lovers.

I like my pizza wet with sauce, roasted garlic crust, deep dish. Pepperoni, red onions, bell peppers, mmm mmm mmm.

So that’s where the story went bad. I went out to dinner at Numero Uno pizza. There were 14 of us. Only one wanted to go there. And since that one is my mother we all shut up and went.

There were many pizzas ordered by our group. Bbque chicken, pepperoni with tomato chunks, one called a dry margarita. I also ordered nachos as I knew my family wouldn’t like the pizza.

Well the nachos are on pita chips, very little cheese, a huge glob of sour cream, and a few olives and red onions. They would have been way better on tortilla chips and with cheese.

The pizza was all very dry, a ton of cheese, and chunks of tomatoes. It was as if they thought the chunks of tomato made up for no pizza sauce. And the crust was sweet. Sugar sweet. It was so odd. I had one piece and was grossed out.

My aspie wanted to leave as soon as we arrived. He doesn’t do well at new places. He was very uncomfortable. Its a  Loud place, 10 TVs in place. We stayed long enough that my mom said if you need to go honey just go. She didn’t have to say it twice. I looked at my aspie son he nodded and we left.

Next time we won’t be able to make it. 🙂

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