Low immunity and people who think its funny

I have low immunity. Its been documented in my medical charts since I was 6 months old. Its just the way I’ve always been. I’ve come to accept it. Not like it. But accept it, live with it.

I have to be careful around people. If their sick I avoid them. If my kids are sick they stay in their rooms, I take things to them. I sterilize the house if one of us is sick.

When my children were younger and would go to let’s say Mc Donalds and play in the toys or Chuck E Cheese, or a friends house. I’d strip them down when we got home each their clothes give them a bath.

Lots of situations are stressful for me. Church for instance with everyone wanting to greet and shake hands or hug. My job, I care for pre k and kinder kids during their lunch. And they are always sick. Shopping carts, gas pumps, anything many people touch are germ cespools.

I take 8 pills a day to keep my immune system as strong as it can be. Yet last year 2012 I had only 45 days that I was NOT sick or on antibiotics. 45 days in the WHOLE year.

My coworkers think its funny if their sick, they make jokes about I’ll bet she won’t come near me. My TRUE friends understand, and want me healthy. They tell me Don’t come over here I’m sick.

I wish everyone was understanding. That everyone cared. But this is a crappy world, with crappy people. People that judge me due to my low immunity. People that judge my son due to #Autism, #Aspergers.

Did you know that even a very small amount of sugar in your diet has been proven to impair white blood cells by 50%.

Some people have low immunity due to nutritional deficiency.

People like me with low immunity can only drink filtered water.

I have to get 8-10 hours of sleep or I’m 90% more likely to get sick. I’ve just learned this part this year. Its made a huge improvement in my life.

I take many immune boosting pills and items. They do all help. Combined together I can get about 4-6 months now with out getting sick. Which is an awesomely huge change.

I worry about being a burden on my family. However my hubby says I never am. But its a real downer always being sick. And a huge financial burden. A simple cold usually turns to a sinus infection, ear infection, pink eye. If I don’t get in soon enough it goes to a uti. Just keeps getting worse and worse.

I have so many allergies to medications its very hard to treat me. That is why avoidance is best for me. If someone is Ill, I won’t go near them.

Don’t judge people until you’ve walked a week in their shoes. You do not know their trials or tribulations.

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5 thoughts on “Low immunity and people who think its funny

  1. Commiserating with you on this. A few months ago, for the first time in my life, I have white and red blood cell counts in the normal range (barely, but still fantastic). Low immunity is a real thing. Wish more people understood it.

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