And so the adventure begins! Montana Trip

Today I sent my hubby off to Montana to take a look around. We have family there that he is visiting and looking to see if we would be interested in living there.


He was excited and nervous. Its been a very long time since he’s been on an airplane. But this is a necessary step to find a place to call HOME. Not a house like we live in now. A home, you know like they say a home is where your heart is. Someplace you hold pride in. Someplace to cherish. That’s what we long for. This is just the beginning of the search for our HOME.

Well the first part of his flight is over. He’s landed in Utah for a slight lay over (15 minutes) to run across airport and board a small commuter plane and off to Bozeman, Montana.


Commuter flight had 20 minute delay. It just arrived in Bozeman, Mt yaay my hubby is safely on the ground.


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