Montana, Saturdays adventure

Today my hubby is off in Bozeman looking at places to work, live, shop, schools ect

He found out Costco has self check isles there. Evidently they trust their residents, unlike California where the damn near frisk you when you leave the store.


He and his brother saw the home depot in Bozeman.

Look at the view from home depot

They ate lunch at Bobs Burgers my hubbys lunch looks yummy.

Inside Bobs Burgers


The kids and I decided since we were left at home we’d get chocolate shakes and pretend we were in the snow.

The pup was pretending she was cold too.

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2 thoughts on “Montana, Saturdays adventure

  1. That view is awesome from Home Depot! I can’t believe they have self-check at Costco!!! Here in Nevada is just like California – we don’t dare try to make it out the door without our cart being inspected and our receipt being marked. It irritates me. I’m liking the looks of Montana!

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