Montana, Mondays Adventure

This mornings adventure has begun. Early this morning my hubby went to airport in Bozeman, MT. Boarded his flight, sat on tarmac for an hour give or take…

Unboarded flight planes APU went out on tarmac THANK GOD on the tarmac and not in flight.


He then stood in a line to request a new flight.  That took about an hour. 

He has a flight out of Butte, MT about 75 miles from where he is in Bozeman late this afternoon. My sister inlaw is going to pick him up from Bozeman and take him to Butte.

He wanted an adventure! LoL I sent him on one. He’s having a good time even with flight drama. He got 2 meal vouchers. Had an omelette for breakfast.

He is now on his way to Butte, MT just texted me hes in Wheat, MT. They stopped for lunch.

He has arrived at the airport in Butte, MT has a flight out late afternoon.


Check in counter at airport has sign stating they will return later this afternoon.


Need to make a call? LOL


Restroom at airport with automatic toilet seat dispenser’s.

He made is home safely last night around 930 pm after being at airport since 5am.

He brought home some wonderful gifts. And wonderful stories of his travels. He loved Bozeman MT.




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