I didn’t mean to

So this all started about 2-3 months ago when my husband was at work and slipped with a hammer and hit his wrist. He came home that night and told me he may need to go to urgent care.

We iced it, he took ibuprofen, and we carried on. It seemed to maybe get better. Then one day he came home wearing his carpal tunnel brace and I asked is it from you hitting it? Yes I think, he said. Well he wore that brace and took ibuprofen for a few weeks.

Fast forward to last night. :-/ Evidently in the middle of the night I was cold and I scooted against him and I hit his arm 😦 he lept  up Rocking wide awake in bed, in pain. I didn’t mean to hit it.

Well on his way home tonight from work he called me and told me he’s going to the doctor. Thank goodness. Maybe they can make it stop hurting.

They took xrays and made a splint for it. He’s to wear it for a week. If its not better they will do an MRI.


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