All I can say is wow

Evidently I missed the memo. Today is rude people day. It all started off at the Donut shop its donut Friday after all. The kids and I took the truck Thank God.

Donut shop was unusually busy. I waited in line for 7 minutes. When 2 women entered and walked to counter. They waited till donut lady was done with fella she was helping and they said I’ll take a…. The donut lady held up hand and said she was next pointing to me.

The lady’s say no we were Here. We were first! Donut lady holds up hand and comes to me. I was like wow wth?! Welcome to Cali!! I thank donut lady for helping me. I leave.

We get back in truck, I look behind me no one is there. Put truck in reverse looking back, I back out of spot. Put truck in drive. I see a person bonzi into driveway behind me. He zooms past me honking horn. They park, his lovely teenage girl gets out sticks tongue out at me and flips me off.

I casually tell my oldest, must be a douche bag from your school. He says I don’t think so. Off to his school we go. I Drop him off at high school. On way out of driveway my light is green, some yahoo runs red light. And then guess what?! Here comes man that honked and teenager from hell!!!! Going to my sons school. ROFLMAO

I say to my other son I’m glad we took the truck today. Seeing as I didn’t get the drive like a butthead memo.

As I get to the gas station by my other sons school someone zooms out of station right in front of me, I almost squished that fool. Most people don’t pull out In front of a moving vehicle so I’m assuming it was an alien from mars or Uranus.

Ok sorry about the anus joke. I’m having a day!

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