All in a matter of a moment

Oh boy. I unplugged my hubbys tablet to add my blog to it so he could read it .

Pulse wont let me add it. I tried and tried.  When I gave up I went to plug his tablet back in. I gave the cord a little pull. Well it unplugged.

Its a matter of moving our bed to plug back in. :-/

Well then it dawned on me. Ill plug it into his cell phone charger. Um yup you guessed it. Cord was too short. I gave it a gentle pull. Oopsy unplugged.

It gets better, or worse… I get into truck and my hands free system just beeps. Wont work. I text hubby and this is his response.

LoL make a list of stuff I broke so far today.. um the days still young!

Now this morning on way to work city tree trimmers were here. Blocking driveway. So I took the scenic route with my truck threw my yard.

By the time I got home tree guys were in my tree and needed my gate open. I had all sorts of keys couldn’t get gate open.

I went back out front and asked can you open gate because I sure cant! Guy laughed, jumped gate and struggled with lock for a while. Finally got it open. We need a new lock its all rusted and stuck.

On that adventure I broke a nail.

And as for the list my hubby wanted… Here it is… So far..

Broke a nail
Broken gate lock
Hubby tablet cord unplugged behind bed
Hubby cell cord unplugged behind bed
Hands free system in truck broke
Check sprinklers drove threw yard

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5 thoughts on “All in a matter of a moment

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