There is life

Outside that door, there is life. I can sit here and play on twitter, instagram, my fav forums. Or I can choose to live my life.

I choose to live life, and play. Enjoy the time I will still be in Coastal California, which I hope will be short!

I deleted my Facebook that was attached to my twitter a month ago. So glad I did. One less place I feel obligated to check in. Twitter bores me mostly, I go there and talk to myself. LoL

I prefer my Instagram. I like to see peoples lives threw their eyes, camera lens. I’ve seen places all over the world thanks to Instagram.

I’m a traveler by nature. Always been happier in RV than house even as a child.

I’m getting ready for a huge life change. I need to get focused. Lose things that distract me. My blog will remain no matter what. It helps keep me grounded, focused.

Its a place to put my thoughts. To help me process my day. And a place to write my family’s journey through life, autism, health issues, our relocating.

Now if it would just help me get this house into a 26′ truck. I just don’t see this house fitting into a truck. My husband assures me it will be fine. I guess I will believe it when I see it.

Thanks for stopping by…

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